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The Savvy Traveler

Financial guru and adventure seeker, Danielle Desir is in the Studio! Listen as Danielle give tips and tactics to living your best travel life without overspending or sliding in random rapper’s DM’s….I mean we all thought about it once or twice. Beauty and health specialist Shayna Mauve will also be in the studio talking pop […]

Bonus Episode – Zine Release Party

IT’S OUR FIRST LIVE RECORDING! Comfortably Excluded partnered with artist Latasha Dunston and Rosehouse Botanical plant shop for the first live recording featuring the release of Jitterbug Art’s first self-care zine. Subscribe and Leave a Review! Special thank you Jitterbug Art and Rosehouse Botanical. Editors Note: Produced and edited by Corey Estimbo Original cover art […]

Motherf***** In A Cape

Comic writer, podcaster, and musician Alan Brooks will be in the Studio discussing how his transition from Atlanta to Denver opened his eyes and made way for more opportunities, allowing him to be unapologetically Batman…I mean Alan. LOL, you don’t want to miss this! My bestie Meek Jackson will be joining us for some news […]

Two Degrees, No Felonies

Rika Pesos is back in the studio discussing how she went from felony bound to being a two-degree carrying shawty, Aaaayyyeee! Maryum also joins Montyy for some news/pop culture updates and an intense petty corner that is bound to upset some people. *insert sips tea* ☕️   Produced and edited by Corey Estimbo Original cover […]

Rap (Comedy) Gods

Denver comedy duo Nolawee Mengist and John Davis joined Montyy in the studio to talk hip-hop, podcasting and how performing stand-up tops everything. Kori Hazel also stopped by the studio for the return of the Petty Corner segment!   Produced and edited by Corey Estimbo Original cover art by Latasha Dunston

Self-care Wrap Up

She’s back and yes we love a reunion! Latasha Dunston is back and filling our listeners in on all the things she’s been doing since we last chatted on the show. Listen as Montyy and Latasha talk healthy self-care practices, the importance of mental health awareness, and an AfroPunk Brooklyn wrap up!   Produced and […]

I’m A Cocky Muva*

We’re finally back and have a feature episode for you! Montyy chats with the fierce headstrong artist behind the Women Behaving Badly series, Adri Norris. Listen as Adri explains how being a confident woman should ALWAYS be embraced and how she displays it by remixing badass women throughout history.   Produced and edited by Corey […]

Laugh In The Face Of Injustice

Comedian, Reproductive Rights enthusiast, and all-around funny badass Miriam Moreno talks about embracing her identity as an immigrant, how women of color really need to be aware of their rights, and somehow she can make all this shit sound funny at the time.   Produced and edited by Corey Estimbo Original cover art by Latasha […]

Comedy Down To A Science

Aubrey (some of us) forgive you! This week we have comedian Basil Faraj in the studio sharing how tragedy brought comedy into his life in a big way. Listen as Montyy and Basil discuss Drake, his method to comedy, and just what did he do to that poor cat… We at Comfortably Excluded would also […]

Bring Back Room Raiders

Raychill stopped by the studio while she was in town, so why not pop some bottles and throw out a bonus episode?! This special episode focuses on pop culture, drinking games, and a whole lot of petty.   Produced and edited by Corey Estimbo Original cover art by Latasha Dunston